About The Learning Group, Inc.

We create learning systems and process documents that help companies achieve their business objectives and affect
financial performance. We partner with our customers to implement solutions that facilitate the self-discovery and behavior
change required to reduce operating cost and/or increase revenue. It's our mission to exceed your expectations, and we are
profoundly grateful to our customers and sponsors for their trust in us to produce results.
 Alkermes, Inc.
 Eastman Christensen
 LaSalle National Bank
 Parke-Davis Groups
 Antah Oiltools
 Electronic Data Systems
 Marion Laboratories
 PT Arun NGL
 Baker Hughes INTEQ
 Exxon Corporation
 Meda Pharmaceuticals
 Recognition Equipment
 Hoffmann-La Roche
 MedPointe Healthcare
 Society National Bank
 Frito-Lay, Inc.
 Milpark Drilling Fluids
 Touchstone Systems
 Chase Manhattan
 Hughes Christensen
 Mobil Oil Company
 Wallace Pharmaceuticals
 The Dia-Log Company
 Hughes Tool Company
 Norton Christensen
 Warner-Lambert, Inc.
Since 1991
Services & How to Contact Us

We have the cultural flexibility to function in any business environment or geographical location having provided consulting
services in 7 industries, 29 companies, 14 countries and 17 states. We've also managed translation projects from English
to Bahasa, Dutch, French, and Spanish. We've created more than 20 sales, service, and manufacturing learning systems.
In the pharmaceutical industry, our document and training experience spans 22 drug products, 34 manufacturing and
packaging processes, and 6 laboratory operations. Customers rely on us to help them improve their effectiveness.

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